An end to “Overregulation” for businesses

At Candidsky, we’re all about transparency, so you can imagine how delighted we are to hear that Europe is taking a fresh look at the inner workings of digital technology.

New legislation shines a light on how the internet works and calls out unfair practices, whilst putting robust measures in place to improve the overall user experience.

Although we relish in challenges and devour data, this breakthrough in digital clarity will enable us to work harder for you, paving the way for innovation, pushing boundaries and making our services more targeted and precise than ever before.

Let us explain more about why is very, very good news

Levelling out the playing field

The Digital Services Act addresses concerns over competition among tech giants such as Google & Meta, who largely dominate the market space. As such colossal companies in both size and monetary resources, it’s much harder for smaller brands to compete, stand out and get the recognition they deserve.

This is why the Act also aims to protect smaller businesses from being diluted by larger competitors that often have more resources and manpower at their disposal. 

So this is a good thing?

Absolutely…This is a fantastic opportunity for all but especially valuable for smaller businesses, who now have an equal opportunity to shine and share their wonderful products and services.

In an oversaturated, fast-paced market, it can be tough to stand out, especially when the algorithms aren’t in your favour…but that’s all set to change, supplying richer opportunities for visibility and growth.

No more second-guessing

In order to understand Google’s algorithm update, our SEO team works hard to analyse and test data across all of our client campaigns. It remains true that great quality content, positive user experience and engagement are the foundation of a successful SEO campaign.

Although we are confident in our understanding of recent algorithm updates, we can now begin to strategise much more effectively to improve and highlight several factors with this precious information. This is a monumental advantage for brands looking to advertise their products, expertise and services.

So, in essence, the EU’s new bill aims to protect consumer rights and create a fair playing field between companies regardless of their size. 

Additionally, The EU’s new rules, which are designed to protect internet users and their “fundamental rights online”, should make tech companies more accountable for content created by users and amplified by their platforms’ algorithms.

What the Digital Services Act stipulates

The Act, which comes into effect in 2022, will require Google and other search engines to start explaining how their algorithms work.

This is a huge breakthrough, particularly because…

  • Business users who depend on gatekeepers to offer their services in a single market will have a fairer business environment.
  • Innovators and technology start-ups will have new opportunities to compete and innovate in the online platform environment without having to comply with unfair terms and conditions limiting their development.
  • Consumers will have more and better services to choose from, more opportunities to switch their providers if they wish so, direct access to services, and fairer prices.
  • Gatekeepers will keep all opportunities to innovate and offer new services. They will simply not be allowed to use unfair practices toward the business users and customers that depend on them to gain an undue advantage

This is a huge breakthrough for a more transparent digital world, benefiting SEO service providers and businesses alike and reshaping the way digital business is conducted.

But above all, the main takeaway is that the law avoids any form of overregulation for small businesses. App developers will get completely new opportunities, small businesses will get more access to business-relevant data and the online advertising market will become fairer.

This stops any guessing games and allows you to plan and strategies smartly, whilst also improving some much-needed clarity after years of bewilderment.

The new common practice in a nutshell

Because each search engine must disclose the process of its ranking factors, it will give businesses and their support teams a much better understanding of optimising their websites and any content for better visibility.

This Act also requires search engines to provide more information about the Ads that they show and also put measures in place that allow users to opt out of certain types of tracking.


Knowing how to construct a website, so it ranks competitively can be a difficult task, especially when blindfolded. Now with a better understanding of how to optimise, we can produce websites with much stronger visibility

Candid Practices

 The Act also requires search engines to provide more information about the ads they show and to allow users to opt-out of certain types of tracking. This allows you to put your efforts where they are more effective.

Reliable Ranking

Search engines will have to disclose their ranking factors, which will give businesses as much clarity as possible. Knowing which valuable keywords, phrases and such to include and where will enables brands to rank competitively.

Time & Money Well-Spent

With much more information on offer, it’s possible to dedicate time and resources intelligently to ensure that they are better spent.

SEO can be likened to a polaroid, the colours are there but they are blurry and it takes time for things to come into focus.

When things look blurry and unclear, it’s hard to make sense of the bigger picture, see patterns and plan effectively. But this new legislation means that the clarity appears much quicker and in a much higher definition than ever before…So you can be confident when planning your strategies.

Once the data is clear, valuable changes and amendments can be made to improve any areas that may be lacking which gives your business the best chance to flourish and prosper.

Working harder for you

With this new treasure trove of insight at our disposal, we can work harder and more intricately to give you the desired results. 

We can also advise you on where you may be falling short and where to concentrate your efforts going in order to succeed going forward.

If you have any questions about how the Digital Services Act will affect your business and how we can help you get the recognition you deserve, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We are experts in all things SEO Optimisation, Content Production, Digital Marketing, and various other digital branding services.