It’s probably a good idea to point out that this post won’t be too relevant to your business -but if you have kids or enjoy colouring in then this is awesome!

colAR have produced the colouring book of the future, where colouring pages actually come to life. Watch the video below and you’ll see this amazing technology in action.

It’s great that we get to work and write about technology on a daily basis because we love it, but this video got me super excited on two levels.

One – I wrote about augmented reality back in July 2010 and I’ve not really seen it in action to a point where I was that impressed … until today! This video signifies how quickly technology advances and shows one application of the modern world impacting such a simple thing as colouring in.

Two – I’m a Dad. My 3 year old son Dylan will absolutely love this because he can already work my iPad and he’s pretty talented a colouring in (just like his Mum). Though when I show him this in action I might as well say goodbye to my iPad.

I could write an extremely long post about the impact of this kind of technology on our kids and the possibilities of other uses of augmented reality but I’d rather you just watched the video – yes it is that awesome! Now, where are my crayons?

The app is free on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.