Buddy Loans


new customers within six months

The brief

Buddy Loans were growing as a guarantor lender. But they knew they needed to reach more potential customers.

And they knew they needed to convert a greater percentage of their web traffic.

So Buddy Loans tasked CandidSky with:

Increasing search engine visibility and traffic

Optimising and expanding paid media

Improving conversion rates and maximising return on marketing spend

How we did it

Finding the opportunity

Neither Buddy Loans nor their competitors were demonstrating their true value – specifically, as a provider of solutions to financial problems.

So value is exactly what our strategy focused on…

SEO efforts would concentrate on only the most commercially valuable keywords. And we would turn the Buddy Loans website into a valuable information hub for people experiencing money problems.

This would capture potential customers at every stage of their search for financial help.

Overtaking the competition

Through technical website improvements and targeted link acquisition, Buddy Loans quickly moved up from 12th to 3rd in Google’s rankings for “guarantor loans.”

This helped drive a 200% increase in related traffic.

Demonstrating value, closing the deal

New self-help guides and videos offered visitors valuable financial help and advice. With support from paid media, this content better targeted and engaged website visitors not quite ready to sign up for a loan.

It also gently ushered traffic towards new commercially-focused pages – which better promoted the benefits of a Buddy Loan.

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