It was an absolute pleasure to celebrate joining the double digits club with our nearest and dearest – in style, of course.


Before we get into it, let’s travel back in time.

We’ve landed in 2006. It’s a year after my knee injury and early retirement from professional football. I’m sitting in a small office in Manchester, unwrapping a new laptop and jotting down my plans for world domination.

Back then, I was just getting into the business of ecommerce and website design. It quickly proved to be a worthwhile venture and led to plenty of valuable contacts. It also afforded me the opportunity to branch out into other areas of digital marketing, which is where today’s CandidSky started to build its reputation.

Fast forward to 2016.

CandidSky has evolved to become a key player in Manchester’s digital scene. Our team has grown every year without fail and our services now cover all aspects of digital marketing – from technical SEO, to content, to conversion optimisation. 

For this, I’d like to thank the whole team for all their hard work and development over the years. I am so lucky to have such a fantastic bunch of people to share my time with and I still learn so much by coming into the office every day. Special thanks to my business partner, Tom Lambert, who has been instrumental in our growth. CandidSky wouldn’t be the company it is today without his efforts.

The big ‘1-0’.

Conavon Court – aka CandidSky HQ – has become the perfect environment for us to progress, so we decided to transform the office space into a custom hangout spot complete with bar, dancefloor and graphic projections, for one night only.

It looked pretty awesome, I have to say, and it was great to have so many friendly faces turn out for the occasion. Setting up a business has a massive impact on others around you, so it’s important to share in success with friends and family wherever possible. I’d like to thank my family for their continued support (especially my wife, Samantha!) as I really could not have come this far without them. 

Check out our photo reel below…

[metaslider id=14997]

I’d also like to thank our clients for their continued faith and trust in our expertise. Without this, we simply don’t have a business. The work we undertake for clients allows us to challenge ourselves, push boundaries and keep us at the forefront of digital. We are incredibly grateful for these opportunities.

Not only do we remain committed to supporting the growth of local businesses, we now also work closely with national brands such as Sage, Royal Mail and Peninsula. Both our trophy cabinet and portfolio have seen a massive improvement off the back of this – something I’m incredibly proud of.

Just one more thing…

Ten years on from our beginning and it really is an exciting time to be a digital company in the city of Manchester. The digital community is thriving here and will continue to be a key factor in the growth of our Northern economy for years to come. It’s wonderful to be right in the mix of it all.

Once more I’d like to extend the biggest of thanks to all those who joined us in celebration on the weekend, and to all those who have supported our cause over the past ten years – friends, family, colleagues and clients. I’m proud to say that, together, all of these people have made CandidSky who we are today.

Here’s to the next decade, we’ve got an exciting few years ahead!

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