Get to know more about our SEO Content Executive, Dorothy Edgar in this CandidSky chat. 


What’s your job role? What does it entail?

I’m an SEO Content Executive and as the name suggests, there’s a lot of writing involved! I spend most of the day writing blog posts, optimising landing pages, conducting keyword research and creating content strategies for clients. 


How are you finding the role + CandidSky so far? 

I’ve only been here for 11 months so far and I’m so happy with my progress in the role already. My role is mainly based around content but I’ve had the chance to do all kinds of tasks, which is one of the perks of working for an agency really! I’ve had a real mix of projects to get stuck into, which helps to keep things interesting – I’m excited for some of the upcoming work we’ve got too.


Favourite SEO tools?

Ahrefs is probably a good all-rounder – I’ve used it since I started out in SEO and I’ve found it so useful for all the different tasks I carry out. I’ve also been introduced to STAT this year and that’s great for tracking rankings. There are loads of cool data visualisations on there too, so it makes it easy to interpret the data. They’re probably my top two!


Your tips for getting into SEO 

I got into SEO by working at a digital marketing agency during my placement year. I’d recommend that any students go down the same route when looking to get into digital marketing or SEO. It gives you all the skills you need to start an SEO job after university and you can usually try a few different things and get a feel for what you like. 


Dream clients? 

Minor Figures, I’m a huge fan of their brand and overall vibe.


What film/tv show(s) could you never get bored of? 

The U.S. Office and the I.T. Crowd, I’ve seen them both too many times to count.


What food could you always eat? 

I’ll never get bored of curries! Veggie, fish, meat – all of them. 


What song always gets onto a playlist? 

Meg Thee Stallion (ft. Juicy J) – Simon Says


Where are you planning to go on your next trip? 

Tanzania and Zanzibar – I’m counting down the days already!


What have you missed during lockdown/what interesting things have you done over lockdown? 

The main thing I missed was travelling and over lockdown, I worked on my cooking skills! I made sushi and ramen for the first time and they turned out pretty well. 


Which Friends character would you be? 

Phoebe, I definitely relate to her airy-fairyness.


Favourite place in Manchester? 

Has to be the Northern Quarter, day or night.


Best advice you’ve ever received?/Your motto/mantra? 

‘All the rules are fake. Live your life.’