Gaining television coverage can be an excellent opportunity for your business. As well as the prestige associated with some channels, you’re almost guaranteed to reach large numbers of people. Together with the ever-increasing popularity of catch-up services, you’re no longer limited to just reaching a select group of individuals at a certain time.

Of all the channels out there, one of the most well known and prestigious is the BBC. A staple part of British culture, endorsements from the firm carry significant weight. Getting featured is certainly very challenging but is possible – and shouldn’t cost you a penny.

Help a reporter out

To say journalism is a difficult profession is a bit of an understatement. Although reporters do an important job, it’s common for these experts to work long hours in stressful situations to acquire that all-important story.

Therefore, whatever support you can lend to journalists is always appreciated.

Whenever reporters request help, they typically use a variety of tools. One of these is HARO (Help a reporter out). A subscription service, this sends regular email updates from journalists looking for sources. If you fulfil their requirements, this can be a good way to gain coverage.

However, you can also use the #journorequest hashtag on Twitter. A similar service, reporters will use the social network to ask sources for assistance.

Whichever service you choose – or both – we recommend checking them every day as journalists typically have extremely tight deadlines. If a reporter’s request is more than a day old, the opportunity will have likely passed.

How we got featured on the BBC

We’ve used the journorequest method to gain some great publicity in the past. Recently though, we noticed a reporter from the Victoria Derbyshire programme on BBC 2 enquiring about Eurovision parties:

At the time, CandidSky was preparing a Eurovision-related food party in the office. Employees who opted-in were allocated a random country taking part in the contest and had to bring a dish associated with that location.

As this ticked the requirements, we contacted Anna. Following several chats with BBC researchers, we were booked on the programme.

The next day, the interview took place. Our employees, as well as our creations, were included on the BBC.

Gaining coverage through groups such as the BBC is not a question of what your organisation does but is more related to how you can help out journalists. In this particular situation, we happened to demonstrate our collective enjoyment of Eurovision and highlighted how good a workplace CandidSky is.

What are the benefits?

Appearing on television – and on such a respected programme – translated to an increase in brand awareness and traffic spikes on the website. Our Google Trends data showed a clear hike in search interest around the time of broadcast with a 733% increase.

Although PR agencies will often charge significant prices for getting their clients featured on television, the journorequest method is usually free – and will achieve largely the same results.

Next Steps:

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