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Yahoo! launches new Search Direct feature in the UK

David Beharall
After 11 years in professional football David retired in 2006 to set up CandidSky. He currently holds the position of Managing Director.

November 24, 2011

2 minute read

Yahoo Search Direct

Reveals search results as you type

Yahoo! has announced its new Search Direct feature in the UK and has made improvements to its image and video search.

The new Yahoo! feature predicts search results as the person types each character. It will also show the person’s correct answer before the search button is clicked.

Search Direct has been created to get answers faster and to make it easier for people to search what they are looking for. Revealing the top search trends as a person types will be popular with users and has already been a success on other search engine sites like Google.

Yahoo! image search

Yahoo! has also released a new image search feature that allows a person to look through galleries, view full-size images quickly and look at the latest or most-viewed images.

Yahoo! image search also allows people to look for images on Facebook but this only works if Yahoo! is connected to the Facebook account. A Facebook option will appear on the screen if the person’s search term matches their Facebook friends’ name, album title or album description.

The image search will also have a flex layout feature that will automatically adapt to a users screen. Whether it is on a tablet device or desktop computer, the user will be able to swipe or view slideshows of images.

Changes made to Yahoo! video search

Yahoo has slightly changed its video search feature. It now has filters on the left hand side of the screen and a fresh, simplistic look. The video search page now features videos from various Yahoo! properties and videos from elsewhere on the Internet.

Web search engines like Yahoo!, Google and Bing are competing to get search results for users as fast as possible.

People now want news instantly, whether it is from a desktop computer or a mobile phone. Search engines are now picking up the pace to attract more people to use their site and it is interesting to witness all their new ideas.


p>The question to ask now is what will they come up with next?

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