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Will Tumblr be the next success story in the social media world?

David Beharall
After 11 years in professional football David retired in 2006 to set up CandidSky. He currently holds the position of Managing Director.

October 24, 2011

2 minute read


Tumblr enjoys the limelight

The social media marketing scene may have settled into using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but there is another social media platform that is growing fast.

Tumblr is a quick form of blogging and the social media site has started to catch on. In fact, it has overtaken WordPress.com and currently has over 30 million blogs on its site.

The average Tumblr user produces 14 posts every month. Half of those posts are photos and the rest is a mixture of texts, links, music and videos.

A great opportunity

The popularity of the microblogging platform is due to the fact it is easy to use and is very friendly to rich media like videos and images.

At the moment, there isn’t many businesses using Tumblr but social media marketers are advising the site is a great opportunity.

Site has b2b marketers in mind

Tumblr has many customisations which are good for branding. Apps such as Bookmarklet allow the user to share relevant web content with others and the site lets you paste in the Google Analytics code onto your dashboard. Both features seem to have been created with b2b marketers in mind.

The social media site works well with many other platforms, which experts have stated is the key to its success.

It will be interesting to see if more businesses start to use Tumblr to promote their brand further online. To me, it seems like an opportunity too good to miss.

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