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Will Steve Sinofsky be Microsoft’s next CEO?

David Beharall
After 11 years in professional football David retired in 2006 to set up CandidSky. He currently holds the position of Managing Director.

February 29, 2012

2 minute read

Steve Sinofsky Microsoft Windows president in the spotlight

Steve Sinofsky is known as the stern but creative engineering manager who runs Microsoft Corp’s flagship Windows division.

Today is a big day for Microsoft and Sinofsky, as the company will be releasing the Windows 8 operating system at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It is the most important version of Microsoft’s cornerstone product in over ten years.

Windows 8 will be managed by Sinofsky and the new version has been optimised for touch computing and low-power microprocessors. The operating system will on tablets, desktops and laptops. If received well, Windows 8 could also be used on mobile phones in the future.

Will Sinofsky replace Ballmer in the future?

Microsoft is hoping the new operating system will take off and put the brand back into the spotlight. It will also be good news for Sinofsky as it could potentially propel him to the top job at the company when its chief executive Steve Ballmer eventually steps down.

Many industry experts think Sinofsky has what it takes to be the next CEO, believing he has the “tech chops” and the “panache and showmanship” needed for the job.

There are a few critics who think Sinofsky lacks charisma for the job and are unsure he has the technical brilliance of Bill Gates or the analytical ability of Ballmer.

However all industry experts agree that if Windows 8 is successful it is likely Sinofsky will be Microsoft’s next CEO.

Mobile World Congress

All eyes will be on Sinofsky’s presentation today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I am looking forward to reading the tech blogs about Windows 8 and to see what experts at the congress think about Sinofsky potentially being the next CEO.

It is highly unlikely Microsoft will go outside the company to find a new CEO and Sinofsky has proved in the past he can deliver, so things are certainly looking very promising for him.

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