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Welcome to the age of mobile marketing

Dan Jones
Daniel is our content guru. His keen eye for detail and natural flare for language translate strongly across all digital channels.

February 19, 2016

3 minute read

Email marketing has evolved over the past decade to become one of the most powerful marketing channels available to any business.

That’s a given. But how many of those businesses are starting to bring mobile-friendly access to the fore of their campaign planning?

There’s no getting away from the fact that the way we access our inbox and receive key information has changed forever. The explosion of mobile technology now means that newsletters, blogs, offers and promotions can be pinged straight to our pockets at any time, any place, or anywhere with a 3G connection.

We weren’t surprised to learn from a recent study conducted by email service provider Litmus that 54% of all emails (from a sample of one billion tracked emails) are now opened first on a mobile device – making it the fastest growing method of accessing email by far, and far beyond webmail and desktop access.


Email opens by device

Have no doubt that the percentage of email opens on mobile devices will continue to rise in the coming years as handheld technology becomes both more sophisticated and readily available for all.

Make it mobile-friendly

We know that the way people are accessing email is changing, so how can we start to optimise and deliver email campaigns for the mobile market?

The first step is to drill down further into the behaviour of our target audience. Look around any public place – it’s not hard to find someone engrossed with a smartphone or tablet. For businesses, the first step is to work out how exactly mobile technology is changing their consumers’ browsing, shopping and buying habits. Understanding these relationships is key to building greater market engagement, and also a fantastic opportunity to experiment.

With a little bit of know-how, brands can clearly see what campaigns appeal to their target audience most by keeping an eye on email analytics and split-testing. The ultimate aim here is to tailor user experience, optimise for conversions wherever possible and turn browsers into buyers.

Delivering appeal for Royal Mail

Recently, we worked closely with Royal Mail’s philatelic department to deliver a bespoke email marketing campaign with specific emphasis on reaching and engaging mobile users.

The first step was to design and build a new mobile-friendly email template which showcased high quality images of the stamps, decked with bold colours to emphasise the Royal Mail brand and maximise click-through rate. We put the campaign through rigorous testing in our Device Lab to ensure the same impact translated across mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

This testing paid off as we managed to achieve a 49% average open rate and 21% average click-through rate over a series of email campaigns.



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