Local SEO Explained: The Ultimate Local SEO Guide


Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, it is essential that you understand Local SEO.

By ignoring it, you are not only losing out on local demand for your products or services, but also missing an opportunity for increased visibility in the SERPs.

Throughout this guide we will discuss key factors and techniques to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of Local SEO, which will help you boost website traffic, enquiries, physical visits and improve your company’s reputation. We have also put together a comprehensive Local SEO checklist to ensure that you can audit your website performance for local search and strategise accordingly.

So, what is Local SEO?

Local SEO isn’t all that different from traditional SEO, however, it focuses solely on generating exposure for searches with local intent.

Why use Local SEO?

By focusing on local searches, your aim is to appear in both the organic listings and local pack, therefore, generating a higher SERP real estate. For example, if you’re a local Chinese restaurant, you will want to appear in both the organic listings and map pack whenever somebody enters a query such as ‘Chinese restaurant in…’, ‘Chinese restaurant near me’ etc.

If you aren’t running a Local SEO campaign, you’re missing out on over 56% of mobile searches, which is only set to increase further with advances in technology.

Let’s get started…

Whether you already have a thorough understanding of Local SEO ranking factors or you’re a complete novice, this guide aims to help increase your knowledge.

Some of the factors are backed up with facts, whilst others are controversial and arise from influencer speculation. As with everything in this industry, nothing is set in stone, but let’s get started…

External Factors

Google My Business Factors

Site Factors

On-page Factors

Social Media Factors

Citation Factors

Technical Factors

Behaviour Factors

How to improve Local SEO

So what are you waiting for, grab a coffee and start putting our Local SEO tips and tricks into practice!

It’s easy to identify where you can improve your local presence by working through our Local SEO checklist – it will help you identify areas for improvement & strategise a plan to blast the local competition out of the water.

However, if you need a helping hand, feel free to get in touch to learn more about our Local SEO services in Manchester.

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