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Twitter announces new features

Tom Lambert
CandidSky’s Co-founder and Technical Director. Tom has a passion for innovation and problem solving.

August 11, 2011

2 minute read

Twitter New Features 2011

Is it all over for Twitpic?

The days of Twitpic could be numbered after Twitter launched a new photo-uploading service to its users this week.

Users will now see a camera icon under the site’s tweet box, which will allow people to send images alongside your tweets.

Site gets a shake-up

The social network site hasn’t stopped there either. The @Mentions feed has now gone and been replaced with a new feed that show all activity relating to you. This can be retweets, favourites, new followers and mentions.

Another feed to be introduced is the activity window.  Again it shows you retweets, new followers and favourites, except this time it’s from your matrix of Twitter buddies. The feed is supposed to help you find more people that are worth following and points out events that happen beyond the main feed.

Will third party services survive?

This is great news for Twitter users but probably not so great news for services like Twitpic. Is the Twitpic founder Noah Everett worried about Twitter’s new camera icon? Apparently not.

He is too busy launching a similar site to Twitter called Heello. Tweets are called pings, echoes instead of retweets and listeners instead of followers. The new site will also have video support, location check-ins and SMS integration.

People can still use third party services like Twitpic if they want to, but it will be interesting to see whether users will continue to do so now that Twitter has introduced their own version.

I for one am certainly looking forward to the impact Twitter’s in-house development plan will have on the development community.

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