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The Flavour Factory launches

Simon Fryer
Simon is CandidSky's Search Director, with strong roots in organic SEO and analytics, and a disturbing passion for spreadsheets.

November 4, 2013

2 minute read

We’re pleased to announce the unveiling of another recent project of ours – The Flavour Factory website.

About The Project

The E cigarette market has exploded in the last few years with many smokers switching to E cigs from regular cigarette smoking. In the last year the UK’s E cig sales rose from £9m in 2012 to £90m this year.

The team at the Flavour Factory knew that an increasing demand and love of the E Cig meant that the market needed fine tuning; it needed to be improved with honest and real products and flavours and this is just what they have done. All of their products are made with natural flavouring in the UK; nothing imported from overseas or made synthetically, and its this that sets them apart. They offer an ever expanding range of luxurious flavours, many of which were recommended by their customers on Amazon.

Having successfully trialed their product on Amazon, The Flavour Factory approached CandidSky to build their first e-commerce website.

Our solution was a beautifully designed site which provides great usability on a variety of devices. The site is full of character and steers away from the misconception of E liquids being produced by chemists in a laboratory. The experts in flavour mixology that make up The Flavour Factory’s team being more akin to gourmet chefs than to crazy scientists.

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We’ll be working with The Flavour Factory moving forward to help earn their superb products the exposure they deserve. Keep your eyes peeled for a case study in the coming months.

Visit The Website

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