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Search Engine Optimisation: Content is King

March 9, 2010

Tom Lambert
After years learning everything Tom could about web technology and digital marketing, he co-founded CandidSky. Tom loves coming up with new ideas and developing products in his position as Technical Director.

People often ask me, ‘How can I get to the top of Google’.
Well, If you want to gain a high ranking in most search engines then remember one thing: Content is everything! This week I will give you a few simple tips that will make all the difference toyour search engine ranking.

Create Title tags with keywords. For example, if your site is www.davieb.com and you sell Sports Equipment and Accessories, instead of your title saying “davieb”, it should say something like

<Page title> – Sports Equipment and Accessories Shop, Davie B


Use a lot of text on your site. I would recommend 120 words. Search engines cannot read graphics. If your site is mainly graphic based, then you will struggle getting a decent search engine ranking. Create Meta Tags for your site. Meta Tags are code hidden in the background telling search engines what your keywords and descriptions are.
Almost all Web Design programs like DreamWeaver and Frontpage have an option to insert Keyword and Description Meta Tags. Make sure you create a lot of pages of content on your site and keep the content up to date, fresh and most of all relevant.

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