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Our favourite: 1Password

Steve McKinney
Steve is CandidSky's lead front-end developer. He makes things look great, and believes in building responsive websites with the core principles of usability and simplicity.

October 26, 2016

2 minute read

Passwords occupy an increasing part of our lives.

More accurately, it’s remembering passwords that takes up brain space and may lead to a host of future issues. That’s exactly why we at CandidSky have been using a password manager for a long time now – and it has never been more essential for the team.

In fact, it’s got to be one of the most important tools an individual or company can use to keep their data and software safe and secure, but also quickly accessible to the intended people.

Yet when speaking to people about them and the benefits, it’s surprising to hear how many people still have reservations about using a password manager.

Here’s what we tell them:

Don’t be an easy target for hackers

Keeping sensitive information secure should be a big deal for all companies. People often copy and share key passwords in email without thought; but what happens if the wrong person gets access to your email?

As soon as that person finds a key password they now have access to a potential goldmine of confidential information. This in turn leads to all manner of security issues, all of which could have been avoided by using a password manager.

You’ll only have to remember one (tough) password

One of the challenges when coming up with a solid password is making it both super-hard to guess, but also easy to recall for all those who need it. If you’re wondering which side to lean on when deciding a new password, go with the more secure option and store it in a password manager.

At CandidSky, we often get requests from clients who are struggling to remember a password to one of their accounts. We store all information in our password manager so it’s dead easy to recall information for a specific account when we need it.

If we had to pick a good one…

We live in an age where we need access to vital information and programs on the go, so make sure your password manager is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly.

We heartily recommend a program like 1Password because it’s user friendly, available across all platforms and devices and comes at a fair price for teams. And it’s free to download on both iOS and Android.

Anyway, whichever option you go for, the important thing is to yourself and your company protected!

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