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A New Approach to Publishing Web Content – Introducing Cardivore

Tom Lambert
CandidSky’s Co-founder and Technical Director. Tom has a passion for innovation and problem solving.

September 24, 2015

3 minute read

We’re excited to announce the latest idea to come out of CandidSky’s Lab: Cardivore — a next generation publishing tool for the web.


CandidSky Lab

At CandidSky we’re constantly refining our skills and coming up with new ideas. So much so, we decided to create a Lab in our office (yes an actual Lab!) for our team to explore them further.

Recent discussions and experiments in the Lab have focussed solely on Cardivore and where we see it fitting into the market – this article outlines where we are up to.

What is Cardivore?

Cardivore is a next-generation web publishing tool that combines two elements:

  1. An advanced drag-and-drop block CMS, that pushes the boundaries of what you can achieve when creating pages on the web — without code! We call this part Flow CMS — it’s a standalone system that we can use on client sites too!
  2. A totally new approach to publishing web content: getting rid of the ‘website’ and allowing pages to exist as their own valuable standalone work of art.



Why is this important?

Firstly, if you’ve ever used WordPress you’ll know the ‘one WYSIWYG’ approach to making pages usually leads to extremely boring pages — we wanted to give content creators the freedom to arrange text, images, embeddable media, and have full control over their page’s layout and style.

Secondly — taking pages out of the website and letting them stand on their own enables you to quickly execute on a new idea. You can arrange some text and images quickly, drop in a video, apply a few styles to make it your own, and share it on Twitter and Facebook. The whole page is done in minutes.

We’re seeing a major shift on the web: brands and consumers are using EventBrite instead of their own event booking system, using YouTube instead of having their own video library, and using Medium instead of having their own blog. Letting people make any web page without needing their own website seemed like the next logical step!

So, what’s it for?

Cardivore lets you create a page online to quickly and easily share any idea. Here’re a few of the ways we’re going to be using it:

  • Marketing a business, service or product — test the water before you spend thousands on a new site or campaign, by seeing if your customers respond to a new product or service! Having your Cardivore page separate to your main site lets you test different completely different approaches quickly.
  • Making an ‘about me’ page or online CV — with a lot more freedom than About.me or similar tools.
  • Personal announcements — It’s a girl! Sharing moments with your family with a single link.
  • A photo wall about your Thailand trip — and putting your personal style on the page.
  • Organising a party — giving everyone a single page to visit for the full details.

But don’t feel limited to these suggestions. Cardivore is an extremely flexible tool for making any kind of page, and we’re excited to see the thousands of ways people use it over time — especially the ones we’ve not thought of yet!


We’re launching our private beta at the end of the month and we’d love to know what you think — click the link below and we’ll send you an invitation to join. We’re only releasing invitations in batches to ensure everyone gets the best experience; so the higher you are in the list, the faster we’ll be able to get you using Cardivore!

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