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Multiple agency partners or one digital partnership?

Jakub Wawszczyk
Jakub is a passionate web developer. He spends his time building beautiful, performance driven web experiences in the digital sector.

May 17, 2016

3 minute read

Business owners need head space to make decisions that contribute to wider organisational goals.

The success of any business owner is closely linked to the ability they have to delegate tasks to experts. At CandidSky we’re particularly proud of the reputation we’ve built over many years of delivering digital expertise. We know that one of the main contributing factors to our success is the way our development and marketing experts openly collaborate every day.


Multiple agencies or one digital partnership?

Marketing staff in SMEs and enterprises face the choice of managing multiple agencies or building a collaborative partnership with one full-service digital marketing agency. Creating a strong digital partnership with one full-service agency saves companies time and money. More importantly, it means that any development-led projects will have strong marketing input throughout and vice versa.

Effective digital marketing campaigns increasingly require a collaborative approach, including a high level of technical input from skilled developers. As UX, loading speed and the structure of a codebase becomes more important in converting users into customers it is integral that your design, development and conversion rate optimisation teams work in harmony. As SERP algorithms continue to morph every day your SEO and PPC specialists have to react with your development and content teams to drive high levels of traffic to your site. Constant communication between cohesive teams results in an agile, fast-paced workflow.


Transparency is key

It’s vital that your business stays informed and  knowledgeable about your campaign. Marketing professionals need to know what each team has been working on and how their efforts have contributed to achieving their campaign or project objectives. This information needs to be easy to digest and ready to share with all internal stakeholders.

We deliver full-service campaign reports to our clients each month. Because we build digital partnerships and have all the necessary expertise in one place, we are able to implement and explain why a technical development change was made and how it impacted search results, increased rankings and a spike in conversions. Such clarity is not so easy to achieve when working with multiple agencies.

Our experience tells us digital excellence is only reached when marketing know-how is combined with a deep understanding of the technical. We have proved this time and time again in the work we deliver our clients, see for yourself by having a look at some of our work:

Final thought

A recent study by Marketing Week highlighted that only 8% of brands are currently very satisfied with their agency partners. Another by MediaSense, ISBA and Ipsos Connect found that 58% of 200 senior marketers believed the number of agencies they worked with would decline. This tells us something isn’t quite working for the multiple agency model.

Marketers want an open, honest relationship with their digital partners. Trust is a hugely important factor in any partnership. We know from experience that it’s far easier to build two-way trust and see the bigger picture when a client has access to the holistic view that a full-service digital partnership allows.

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