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New website for Monster Energy Extreme Freestylers

Tom Lambert
CandidSky’s Co-founder and Technical Director. Tom has a passion for innovation and problem solving.

May 11, 2011

1 minute read

Extreme Freestylers Feature

Monster Energy Extreme Freestylers needed to take their web presence to the next level in time for their online marketing push. We moved the website onto the powerful WordPress engine and redeveloped every aspect in order to improve both function and design. Each content area including riders, news, videos and photos received a thorough reworking, displaying the content better, with more interactivity and cross site linking.

We also introduced new features such as the competitions area and social commenting, liking and sharing in order to better engage with the public and involved them in the brand marketing.

It was imperative that the company’s marketing team had the power to make changes and add to the website as they moved forward, so we used some new techniques to allow administrators to add content and make changes without risk of compromising the design or user experience.

Finally after an on-site training session, we relaunched the site and saw site traffic go through the roof and the Facebook fan base double to 10,000 fans. Shortly after we saw search engine optimisation ratings improve dramatically and the latest competition was shared over 3,000 times in just over a week.

Visit: www.extremefreestylers.com

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