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Graham Joins the CandidSky Team

Graham Hall
Graham is part of the web development team at CandidSky. He creates, develops and maintains websites, working mainly in PHP and Javascript but with experience in JSP and .NET. Follow Graham here on Google+

July 11, 2013

2 minute read

Hello! My name is Graham and I’m the new Developer at CandidSky. I create, develop and maintain sites here – working mainly in PHP / Javascript but with experience in JSP and .NET.

A major part of my job is allowing people to realise the potential of their ideas by showing them just what can be done with the web. I like to be able to point them in new and exciting directions that maybe they hadn’t thought of. It’s also my job to ensure everything runs smoothly here, always being on hand to give speedy and efficient support.

I like to think that I don’t see the world as normal people, but in code! Constantly thinking of and creating projects out of random ideas. The latest of which includes the development of a musical instrument controlled by fingerprints – each person having 10 individual ambient soundscapes to themselves and my second foray into app development – the Druid App – a collection of interesting tools for the discerning Druid, including a Leyline map and a Know Your Runes guide which is currently in development.

When I’m not coding, I work as a visual artist creating visuals for club-nights across the country – having recently created work and mixed live for War Child, Ritual in London and Freeze in Liverpool and I’ve created performance specific visuals for a contemporary dance piece performed at The Place in London. I also created a series of humorous web-animations / adverts for the Co-operative’s Online Pharmacy service.

Outside of work, I’m a member of the ‘no-vocal drone pop’ band The RNC who sporadically play live, practice and record in the North-west.


p>I’m currently awaiting the delivery of an Arduino board, so you can expect further blog of my initial experiments with it!

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