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Facebook iPad app to be unveiled at iPhone 5 launch

David Beharall
After 11 years in professional football David retired in 2006 to set up CandidSky. He currently holds the position of Managing Director.

October 3, 2011

2 minute read

Facebook iPad

The rumours are true

It has been rumoured for months that Facebook has been working on an iPad app but nobody knew when the app would be released.

News reports have revealed the long-awaited Facebook iPad app will be unveiled at Apple’s iPhone 5 launch event on October 4.

App ready since May

Apparently the app has been ready since May, but a tense negotiation between the two companies has meant the launch of the new app was delayed.

The relationship between Facebook and Apple is now back on track thanks to the mutual goal of wanting to beat Google.

The two technology giants also need each other. Facebook doesn’t have a mobile platform whilst Apple doesn’t have a social platform.

The HTML5 app

There have also been rumours that Apple is working with Facebook to launch a HTML5 app, which allows users to play Farmville on their iPhone.

The news doesn’t stop there either. According to various social media stories, Facebook will also be launching an improved iPhone app. The iPhone app will have a new design and higher speed to match the iPad app.

It is interesting that Facebook didn’t announce the new iPad app and iPhone app at the f8 conference, but it is obvious they didn’t want to take the excitement away from the new Timeline and Open Graph features.

Facebook clearly wants to become a mobile platform for the social web and with Apple’s help it looks like they are going to achieve just that.

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