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Work Experience at CandidSky (By Aimee)

As Head of Sales & Marketing Chris is responsible for the CandidSky brand, marketing channels and new business.

April 11, 2016

2 minute read

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to complete my work experience at CandidSky.

When first arriving, I was greeted by a kind gentlemen named Dave Houlbrooke (Head of Digital) who introduced me to Chris Greener (Sales and Marketing Manager) and the rest of the friendly team in the office.

Chris showed me around the office space which is very contemporary and stylish, with many sitting areas and relaxing spaces for meetings, and space to work away from your desk, which I thought was a nice approach to the working environment.

Next, Chris briefed me on what I would be doing over the next 3 days. It was exciting to know I would be completing marketing research on design trends, and digital marketing websites. Following the research, I would be presenting my findings, in a slide show, and informal chat with Chris and Dave. After carrying out the research I had a better idea of what CandidSky was all about.

I was then briefed to create marketing material for CandidSky, which included designing a brand pitch book in InDesign, ready to be exported to a print file with crop marks.


(We printed them too, after Aimee left, good job Aimee!)

Over the 3 days the team were extremely welcoming and made me really feel a part of the office, inviting me to their slack chats to engage with the working and social environment of the office.
I learned a lot more on using design software, and throughout the days was aware Chris was always on hand to help me whenever I needed. Chris also made time to answer, honestly, any questions I had on University or apprenticeships, which was extremely helpful for me. I was never left to just complete work alone, or make tea or coffee like regular work experiences I have heard about before!

I just want to say a massive thank you to the team at CandidSky for my experience and preparing me for what to expect in a digital design office.

We want to say a massive thank you to you Aimee, for working so hard and producing first class results. Good luck in the future, you know where we are if you need any more advice – the CandidSky team. 


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