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Cyber-illusionist mixes traditional magic with technology

Tom Lambert
CandidSky’s Co-founder and Technical Director. Tom has a passion for innovation and problem solving.

April 7, 2012

2 minute read

Marco Tempest impresses audiences

A New Yorker has impressed audiences all over the world by performing traditional magic tricks using the latest technology gadgets.

The cyber-illusionist believes magic is a very broad field and magicians should use what they love. In Tempest’s case that love is technology and these videos on his website shows how he performs tricks using iPhones and other technology products.

Inspiration came from special effects in films

People have called his art form “sustained magic” because instead of building up to a big moment of revelation to make audiences gasp, he tries to keep a constant state of amazement throughout his performance.

He states movies were outperforming magicians with their special effects and that was his inspiration to start performing illusions with technologies that are used in movies.

Illusionist reveals software tools

To create illusions Tempest uses computer vision, pattern recognition, high speed photography, thermal imaging and robotics to name a few. He states he uses these tools to tell stories and create his own magical experiences.

Tempest describes himself as a practitioner of “open sorcery” due to him sharing all the software tools necessary to perform his latest tricks through various portals including his website.

It is unusual for magicians to reveal how they perform their tricks, so it is an interesting insight into how he creates the illusions.

Watch the videos on his website and see Tempest perform some impressive tricks!

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