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Case study: Total Racing International

David Beharall
After 11 years in professional football David retired in 2006 to set up CandidSky. He currently holds the position of Managing Director.

September 18, 2009

3 minute read

From a small group of triathletes based in the North East to e-commerce entrepreneur reaching athletics enthusiasts all over the world

What is Total Racing International?

TRI began as a team of triathletes based in North East England. Looking at their website (www.totalracingint.com), it’s clear that their passion lies in encouraging other triathletes to join in. Phil Gray set up TRI as a means of setting up sponsorship and branding for the team. Their e-commerce shop sells every product under the sun for triathletes at all levels and the website acts as a point of contact for athletes throughout the UK and from all over the world.

How did CandidSky get in involved?

CandidSky’s own David Beherall hails from a sporting background in the North East and it was through some coaching contacts that CandidSky was recommended to Phil Gray to explore opportunities in Digital Marketing.

What did CandidSky do?

  • Built the TRI website from scratch
  • Set up a micro-site for Castle’s Challenge, a triathlon event set up by TRI where athletes run, cycle and swim to the beautiful backdrop of a castle that has been used as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films
  • Developed the e-commerce shop

How valuable is the internet to TRI?

Promotes the team on a larger scale. Before the website, TRI was made up of a handful of people from the Newcastle area. Thanks to the Internet there are now members from Scotland to Hungary, from Bath to California and South Africa. Events such as ‘Castle Challenge’ is open to a wider audience- it was advertised purely on the internet 140 people from across the UK and overseas participated

What are TRI’s plans for the future?

TRI is currently a second business for Gray, but he is bringing in another individual to run it so that TRI can receive the attention it deserves. They are also looking towards email marketing and SEO.

How effective were CandidSky?

“CandidSky helped me through the process of placing TRI on the internet – I’m not very good at visualising how things would look on the web, and they were great at interpreting my ideas and coming up with exactly what I wanted. They also suggested other mediums that I might not have thought about! One thing that stuck out was that they took the time to sit down with me and learn about my business plans and understand exactly where I wanted to take TRI.” – Phil Gray

Since the launch of the website and its microsites, TRI has received coverage in regional and national publications such as Triathlon 220, Running Fitness, Triathlete’s World and Living North. Phil has said that he recently had a surreal moment when an order for some cycling shorts came in from Hiroshima, Japan. Now that TRI have their place in the digital world, the sky’s the limit!

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