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Welcome to Our New Brand

Dave Houlbrooke
Dave is CandidSky's Head of Digital, he loves connecting people and technology, and has over 15 years experience building outstanding websites and online experiences.

August 25, 2015

3 minute read

With the move to our new office at Conavon Court in Manchester, and the growth in our agency in the last two years, we decided it was time for a refresh of the CandidSky brand.


CandidSky logo



The original CandidSky brand was designed when we had just started out around eight years ago, and hasn’t changed much since then.


Old CandidSky logo


In June 2015, we finally thought it was time for a refresh. We wanted to bring in a strong and consistent brand colour, make it easier to use the logo on social media, create consistent stationary, and just generally give things a polish and tie all the elements of our brand together.

The rebrand also tied neatly into our long-term move into Conavon Court, where we knew we’d want a lot of new branding materials and logos on the walls — we needed to commit to the brand for the long term!


We started the process with a series of interviews with our staff to find out what CandidSky represented to them. A couple of patterns began to emerge, and started to bring together a core brand message:

Focusing on people leads to quality and results

Our Product Director, Tom Lambert explains:

“Our whole agency is built around people. It is only by nurturing great client relationships and building an excellent team that we are able to consistently deliver fantastic results for clients.”


We knew from the start we needed to stick with a shade of blue, obviously connecting with the ‘sky’ part of our brand name, but we’d tried various shades through the years and hadn’t yet settled on one we were completely happy with.

In the end, we connected back to our key concepts: people and quality. This lead us to our new shade of official CandidSky Blue — we wanted to pick a bold strong shade, that communicated emotionally our confidence and enthusiasm for producing quality work. We intend to convey a tone of trust and positivity in our communications, and the blue really commits us to that.

CandidSky colour pallette


We set about doing some initial sketches for a new logo. We worked through a lot of (wacky) concepts: cloud with a smile?, outline of a hand with a face?), but eventually most of our concepts converged back on the strong elements already used in our old logo: the square (candid) and the cloud (sky) — why mess with a classic!

CandidSky logo ideas

To soften the harshness of the square we switched to a circle shape instead, which changed the dynamic of the logo — and by merging them into a single shape we now have an element that’s much easier to use for social profiles (which usually require a square shape).


Following on from those two elements, we wanted our brand that was  sharp and professional, but with a softer human quality to it. We investigated hundreds of fonts, looking for slightly softer humanist forms, and eventually settled on the fantastic Sommet Rounded.

Sommet Rounded — the CandidSky brand font

Sommet is a perfect combination for our brand, looking strong and professional (possibly even a bit geeky — who’d have thought!), but with rounded tapered edges that give it a real warmth.


Finally we combined new logomark with the new font and colours, and voila! A new brand was born:

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