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The Annual CandidSky Winter Olympics – 2016 Edition

Simon Franks
Simon is CandidSky's Client Services Manager with a wealth of expertise gained through managing digital projects for FMCG, sports brands, sponsorships and governing bodies.

December 7, 2016

3 minute read

Twice a year we hold the CandidSky Office Olympics.

One in summer and another in winter, just like the real thing!

With the festive season well and truly upon us, here are a few examples of our Winter Olympic event that perhaps you could try out at your next social or before the work Christmas do.


The opening ceremony

No Olympic Games would be complete without a special extravaganza to kick things off.

If, like us, you don’t justify the budget for a cast iron goblet of fire, make do with lighting a procession of tealights before finally igniting a slightly larger standalone candle – your makeshift Olympic flame.

Once the flame is roaring, each team then nominates a person to take part in each event. Everybody takes part in the last round.

For each event, the gold medal team gets 3 points, silver gets 1 point and bronze gets nil points.

Partners in Pen

What you need: A stopwatch, pad and a pen

Players work in teams, one player drawing, the others instructing them what to draw.

The people instructing need to pick a card with a random object and start the clock.

The team takes a card and has to describe to the illustrator how to move their pen in order to draw the object. They’re not allowed to name or describe the object or what it’s used for.

If the drawer guesses it correctly, they score a point.

The team who scores the most points in two minutes wins.


Minty Mayhem

What you need: A box of After Eight Mints

Start with an After Eight Mint on your forehead and get it into your mouth without using your hands. Fastest person wins.

Blindfolded Mario Kart

What you need: Mario Kart and compatible console, a scarf or handkerchief for a blindfold

Get into teams, put a blindfold on one of your team members and set up time trial races. Each team has a set of navigators and a racer. Navigators guide your blindfolded team mate round the track – the team with the fastest recorded lap wins.


Blow ball

What you need: 1 long table or 2 shorter tables put together (with make shift sides), a ping pong ball, lots of puff…

In your teams take your position at either end of the table, you need a goal keeper and attacking team members. The aim of the game is to blow the ping pong ball off the end of the opposing teams table. First team to three goals wins.


Closing ceremony 

All points are added up and the team with the most points is the overall champion. It’s the duty of the opposing team to take them for a slap up night on the town!

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