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CandidSky homepage redesign

As Head of Sales & Marketing Chris is responsible for the CandidSky brand, marketing channels and new business.

January 18, 2016

3 minute read

In this blog we discuss why it was important to spend time improving our brand homepage.

It’s a prolific trend in agency culture, the last thing business owners and staff get to pay attention to is their own brand. The PR agency doesn’t have time to secure it’s own press, the video production company struggles to edit their own show-reel, and the digital agency’s schedule is too busy to concentrate on improving it’s own online channels.

It is integral that we all make time to spend on our brand, product/s and marketing so we can continue to grow. I am in a privileged position, having recently been brought in to CandidSky to concentrate on refining the brand and maintaining a steady stream of quality content across our channels. It’s refreshing to be given the support and resource to spend time on this.

One of the things I wanted to look at was our website. We’ve kicked things off with a homepage redesign, I’ll walk you through phase one in this blog.

The Original Design

Quite simply, our homepage did not represent where we are as an agency. We produce amazing work and work with fantastic clients. We wanted to tell people that. By putting focus on what we do, on the success we’ve had, it enables business owners and marketing professionals to make a quick assessment of our relevancy to their digital needs.

That’s important to us because it ensures the leads that come in are of a certain quality. So, we set about understanding what we needed to do to improve our homepage.


The original homepage design.

Research & Discussion: Homepage redesign

Something that has become increasingly important at CandidSky over the past few months is celebration. Our Managing Director, David Beharall, recently wrote a guest piece for one of our clients, Bright HR, on the subject, we’ll point you in it’s direction when it goes live.

That formed the underlying message we took to design and dev meetings. We wanted to celebrate CandidSky; our work, our clients, our approach and the fun we have as a team.

We have achieved that by breaking the page in to three distinct sections:

  1. Photographic top banner slider  – an area we celebrate work we are proud of
  2. Our Approach – where we detail how we can help other companies by celebrating the method we use to ensure great results
  3. The miniblog – a live feed of our blog posts, Twitter feed and Instagram posts. This is a fun area that gives users a snapshot into the office and our team, our brand personality if you like.

Our homepage redesign in all it’s glory.

Future Design and Development

As you can see, we’ve made a good start. We are by no means finished though. As with all good projects they are an evolution. We have already started discussing phase two; improvements to the existing homepage redesign based on work our Conversion Rate Optimisation team are completing, and a look at bringing our existing content pages in line with the new homepage philosophy.

We follow the same ethos internally as we advise to our clients, we continually evaluate, measure, improve and implement.

Watch this space for future developments.

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