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CandidSky Christmas Chromecast

As Head of Sales & Marketing Chris is responsible for the CandidSky brand, marketing channels and new business.

December 28, 2015

3 minute read

We’ve been having a bit of fun with one of our favourite toys of the moment, Google Chromecast.

It’s a great bit of kit that allows you to wirelessly send video to multiple screens. We use it to show realtime stats around the office (more on this towards the end of the blog).

To spread a bit of Christmas cheer, I made a few CandidSky branded images, which I streamed as a slideshow to the five screens around our office. Below is a brief explanation of how I did it.

If you’d like to set one of these as your desktop background, click here to download them in high resolution.







How to Chromecast a slideshow to multiple displays from one computer

I wanted to cycle through all of the branded images, the most flexible way to do that was to create a Google Presentation and publish it to the web.

Christmas Logo Cast 750


In the Chrome browser you can only cast to one screen at a time. To get around this limitation, you need to trick chrome into creating several sessions of the browser, which can be cast independently. To do this, simply click on your Google username (top right of the Chrome Browser), then select ‘Switch user’. This gives you the option to create a new ‘person’. At this point you will be asked to login using a Google account, but you can skip this step by selecting ‘No thanks’. I named each person to match the screens I was casting to i.e. Lounge, Boardroom etc.

Once you’ve set-up a ‘Person’ for your Chromecast screens, you need to make sure you have a chrome instance running for each of them. That means you’ll need to install the Chromecast extension for each Chrome browser being controlled by each seperate Google person.

Finally, load up the page you want to cast and cast it as you would normally. Each of the ‘Person’ accounts that you’ve created can now cast indendantly to each of your Chromecasts!

Final thoughts

Chromecasting is a quick and easy way of showing realtime data relating to everything from financial to client accounts. By measuring this data more often, it gets noticed and managed. To bring all of our data together in one place we developed a new software product called Console.

We hope you like our Christmas Chromecast Challenge, if you’d like any advice about setting up Chromecasts in your office, or if you’d like to know more about Console, you can connect with me on TwitterLinkedIn or reach me at chris@candidsky.com .

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