CandidSky’s campaign of the week (31.01.20)

This week, we’re turning our attention across the pond and straight towards Sunday’s Super Bowl.

It’s one of the USA’s biggest sporting events of the year. And it’s one of the biggest (see: most expensive) nights in advertising.

Fox reportedly charged $5.6 million for a 30-second ad slot. And the slots have been taken by global names, tech giants, and yes, even presidential candidates. To stand out, each will need to do something special…

Just like Volvo have, without booking a second of airtime. Volvo has hijacked the Super Bowl instead…

"Safety can be a gamechanger"

Volvo prides itself on safety. They estimate that over one million lives have been saved by their safety innovations. So to celebrate one million lives saved, they’re giving away $1 million worth of cars – if a safety occurs during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

In American football, a safety occurs when a team makes a mistake in their own end zone – let’s say they foul, fumble, or lose the ball. The opposition team then gets two points. Safeties can be pretty rare, but they can be key to how a game pans out.

To enter, consumers need to design their perfect Volvo and submit a unique code before kickoff. If a safety happens during the game, they could win their car. It’s as simple as that.

The campaign isn’t being pushed on air during the Super Bowl – entries close before the game even starts. Instead, the campaign – dubbed #VolvoSafety Sunday – has been promoted on the Volvo’s US social media channels.

A taste for takeovers?

Volvo’s 2020 campaign echoes their notorious takeover of Super Bowl ad breaks in 2015. Here, they were giving away brand new XC60 models – if users tweeted using #VolvoContest whenever they saw another car ad from a rival car manufacturer.

#VolvoContest was tweeted over 55,000 times, almost 2,000 times per minute. Volvo became the only trending car manufacturer during the Super Bowl – on both a national and global scale. And in the following month, the XC60 saw a 70% growth in sales.

Rival car manufacturers spent a combined total of over $60 million that day. Volvo managed to move the audience’s attention away from their TV screens – away from their competitors – to their phones, towards them. And they did it without a million-dollar ad slot and sky-high production costs.

So, what can we take from this?

Volvo already show you don’t need to spend the most to get the best return. A creative idea can do that.

Here, we see how your unique selling points and your brand values should shape campaigns. Volvo are game-changers in car safety and innovation. And a safety in football could change the game, too.

When it comes to marketing, Volvo doesn’t seem to play it safe.

Our advice? Don’t follow the easiest route, the one you find first, or the same as your competitors. Look at your marketing opportunity or platform under a creative lens to spot a unique and engaging concept.

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