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A new social network that has gripped millions: Pinterest

David Beharall
After 11 years in professional football David retired in 2006 to set up CandidSky. He currently holds the position of Managing Director.

February 27, 2012

2 minute read

Pinterest Social Media

What’s the hype?

If you are engaged in social media you will have heard about the recent hype on social network Pinterest.

Many tech blogs are guessing what Pinterest will become popular for but the social network is only a year old, so it is difficult to determine its success level.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Pinterest, it allows users to create online displays of their likes and interests. It is like a virtual moodboard where users can add images or videos.

Mostly female users

Pinterest has grown rapidly over the last six months and the site boasts 12 million unique users every month.

The 10-strong team at Pinterest has recently released figures showing that the social network in the US has somewhere between 57% and 97% female users and “pinners” in the UK are also predominantly female.

Why so popular?

Pinterest is a great way to nurture an obsession whether is it fashion, food or crafts and it is the only social network out there that caters for that.

It is a great opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and when you have a look at other people’s boards it is very inspiring.

There is also a Pin etiquette that advises users to “avoid self-promotion” and “be nice”, which is another reason why it has become so popular.

Companies are quickly cottoning on to Pinterest’s potential and have been creating boards that reflect brand lifestyles. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is a pinner himself and has co-created a pinboard of iPhone home screens.

Will it be a huge success? It is early days but I think Pinterest is a great idea and perfect for brands who want to tap into the female market. The fact Pinterest is pegged on the idea of sharing makes me think we will be seeing a lot more of this social media platform.


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