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6 Ways a blog can give you the edge

Tom Lambert
CandidSky’s Co-founder and Technical Director. Tom has a passion for innovation and problem solving.

September 21, 2010

3 minute read

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Today, I’ll be addressing some questions that I’ve been asked about blogging and how it can be useful.
  • In what way can having a blog give me the edge?
  • Why do people always bang on about blogs?
  • What exactly is a blog??
A blog can be used in many different ways. An online diary, a news publication, an article repository or just a place to post opinions, current affairs, latest campaigns or special offers. The best thing about a blog is its ability to list articles that are kept separate from the static pages of the website. So for example you could write a blog every day and they would fall into a dated and categorised list. I’m going to try and rattle off a few reasons for having a blog without getting into a huge essay. (Nobody wants to read that.)

1. Constant Source of Fresh Content / SEO

Google scans sites for keywords and works out their relevance and rank based on a number of factors. One factor is the frequency of fresh content. If the site constantly pumps out lots of fresh content around specific keywords, that site (or at least the blog entries) can achieve a higher relevance or search engine rank. Also, If you want to attract repeat traffic, having new things to read on your website is really important. Its easy to keep your audience up to date by blogging often. Put simply, it makes your site more interesting, creating a sticking point for customers to come back to.


2. Human Side to a Corporate Entity

Corporate websites are often written with the company image in mind. Blogs are much less formal and allow consumers to see a human side to the company. Opinions, views, thoughts and feelings are widely used in blogs to offer a sense of greater connection with the company.

3. Campaigns

If you run marketing campaigns or special offers, the blog can be a great way to quickly add the latest offer or update to your website.

4. Email Marketing

Using an email newsletter campaign to send out updates to your audience can be a great way to retain visitors to your site. Using a blog you’ll be able to write a full articles about each of your updates, then simply include a teaser and a link in your newsletter to entice customers to read on.

5. Archive Of Content / SEO

Blogging means you can constantly add offers to your site without removing the old ones, so search engines will send searchers to these pages as they move up the rankings.

6. Interactivity

Blogging also allows commenting, which means customers can get involved in two way communication with the brand. Add in social network functions – such as a Facebook LIKE button – mean customers can share the article online and potentially instigate a viral loop.
… There are plenty more reasons.

FINAL THOUGHT: Reasons You Should Be Blogging

  • A blog can be installed into any website, and it can be done in a way that makes it look like the rest of the site.
  • This seemless integration will allow you to be more responsive to trends and current events, respond to customer behaviour and keep visitors up to date.
  • Blogging takes up very little time and any one can – and should – do it.
  • It can even be enjoyable too.

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