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5 Ways To Improve PPC Click-Through Rate

Elena Stagg
Elena is our PPC executive and works with our clients to manage their paid media campaigns

December 4, 2017

3 minute read

Click-Through Rate represents the number of clicks received/number of impressions received. It can help determine how relevant and attractive your ads are. If you’re receiving a high number of impressions and low number of clicks, here are some simple changes to boost the campaign.  

1. Include the keyword in the ad copy

The aim of an ad is to guide users to a web page that will answer their search query. By including the keyword in the ad copy, it provides users with more certainty that they will find what they are looking for, and more confidence to click your ad. Providing that the web page is relevant to the keyword, this will also increase the chances of appearing in the top position on the SERP, resulting in increased visibility and clicks.

2. Add/experiment with new extensions

Ad extensions provide additional, useful information for users, such as: a phone number, location, pricing, or additional links to pages within your sitemap. Experiment with a variety of extensions and give users more incentives to click the ad.

3. Include a strong call to action

Give users a reason to click by focussing on language that requires an action e.g. ‘buy now’, ‘click for more information’ or ‘sign up now for a free sample’. Offer something that your competitors don’t such as a discount or free next day delivery.

4. Change match type

Broad match keywords can be used to increase the volume of impressions but can result in less-targeted search queries. Using exact match terms will draw in targeted users who are more likely to click. It’s important to have a balance of match types to maintain a healthy volume of impressions and clicks.

5. Add negative keywords

Negative keywords enable us to filter out search queries that are less relevant to our keywords. E.g. the broad keyword ‘shoes’ could return’ blue shoes’, ‘kids shoes’ etc. if you do not sell blue shoes or kids shoes, “blue” and “kids” could be added as negative keywords to stop your ads showing for these search queries. This adds another level of targeting to your ads and helps to generate more targeted clicks.

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