Whilst running client CRO campaigns we’ve discovered that when teams adopt certain habits, conversion rate optimisation is far more successful.

In this article, we discuss four mindsets that, if introduced and reinforced, lead to a favourable environment for conversion rate optimisation practices to thrive.

  1. Customer-centric approach
  2. Build a culture of optimisation
  3. Data drives decisions
  4. Failure is not a failing

Read on to find out how incorporating these theories inspires growth.

Customer-centric approach

One of the most common questions we’re asked when talking to businesses is ‘how do I increase my conversion rate?’ Answering it is very difficult. It’s highly dependent on factors that differ between company, sector and goals, and isn’t always the best thing to concentrate on.

Our approach focuses on learning about the customer. Different customer types, on how, when and why they interact with your site and its content, as well as how the customer interacts with search campaigns.


Build a culture of optimisation

You have to keep understanding your customers and making improvements in line with findings to be successful. To do this, you need to shift perceptions with-in your team.

Build a culture of optimisation, where ‘improving performance’ becomes part of their cognitive process. As long as goals are communicated effectively, your team will remain focussed on delivering quality results time and time again.

Try it. We’ve seen huge improvements in performance when companies embrace a culture of continuous improvement.

Data drives decisions

Data is very powerful. It produces concrete metrics that can be analysed to judge a website’s performance. Empirical data is arguably more valuable than anything else when looking at ways to solve problems with new and innovative solutions. A solid benchmark of data gives the best starting point for identifying and priortising areas to improve


Failure is not a failing

When you enter the world of testing some things won’t turn out the way you expected. This should not be seen as a failure. Testing produces data. As we know, data is invaluable to good decision making, so testing, no matter what the result, is crucial. Any data that helps us make the right decisions in the future is always a big benefit.

The take home

  • Learn about your customer to improve business performance
  • Never accept that what you have is the best, everything can be improved through constant testing

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